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Julie Pennington began practicing law in Austin, Texas in 2015, her goal was to immediately get to work and protect the legal rights of people in her community and help them successfully navigate the complex legal system. Julie is an advocate for humans, she empowers her clients to rise up, and be the authority and expert in their lives - that she knows them to be; while serving as their dedicated legal expert.
When everyday people are able to
understand & leverage the law,
more justice is possible.

My Philosophy

I believe that my clients are the experts on their lives.
I believe that money should not define the quality of defense.
I believe that a strong community supports a strong defense.

Money should not inform the quality of defense.

People charged with crimes deserve dignity and respect.

A strong community supports a strong defense.

The law can be a weapon to fight oppression.

I listen. My clients are the only experts on their own lives.

I defend. Custom service from CPS investigations to misdemeanors and felonies.

I fight. Trial preparation begins on day one.

I don’t stop. Parole advocacy in partnership with family & the community.

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