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Frequently Asked Questions
Navigating legal matters can be overwhelming, this ever growing section of FAQ's is meant to provide answers to your important questions while seeking legal council.

FAQ’s are meant to provide guidance when choosing your legal representation, however, they are not exhaustive, if you need information immediately, CONTACT JULIE PENNINGTON NOW

We offer a variety of payment options, every case is unique and requires different resources which will suggest the fee structure. However, it is important to know that funds go into a trust and excess money is returned to my clients. Based on the type of case ie. CPS may be charged hourly and typically criminal cases are based on a flat fee, because everyone has a right to trial, the flat fee is decided in contemplation of the  trial.

misdemeanor is considered a crime of low seriousness, and a felony one of high seriousness. … In the United States, the federal government generally considers a crime punishable with incarceration for one year or less to be a misdemeanor.

Legal proceedings do no have definitive timelines, there are some deadlines required by statute, but ultimately the length of the proceeding is determined by you. 

CPS cases, have court mandated services which the parents must complete in order to close the case more quickly. At the maximum family reunification could take  up to a year and a half, again every case is unique and dependent on each client and their circumstances.

Criminal cases require independent investigations, discovery requests, expert consultations, and consultations with you. Each case length is dependent on your individual goals and the details of your case.

My goal is to create an experience that removes the fear and uncertainty as you go through the legal process. This starts by meeting with you face to face, I’m committed to my clients and their future no matter their past.

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