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Hello, I'm Julie Pennington. I am an attorney and a mediator. I grew up with a big voice in a small town and became a lawyer to help make the legal system accessible to regular people. I believe that my clients are the experts on their own lives, and my job is to be the expert on the law. In the courtroom, I help my clients navigate the legal system with integrity. In my mediation practice, I help people avoid the stress and expense of court to find practical solutions to conflict.
When everyday people are able to
understand & leverage the law,
more justice is possible.

WhAT I Believe

  • Money should not inform the quality of representation.
  • People charged with crimes deserve dignity and respect.
  • A strong community supports a strong defense.
  • The law can be a weapon to fight oppression.



  • I listen. My clients are the only experts on their own lives. 
  • I break it down. The law as it affects your life should be understandable.
  • I guide you through the process so that you can rest easy.
  • My collaborative approach to lawyering promotes outcomes that work.
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